The number one question I get:

“How do I clean my jewelry?”

It is really so easy if you follow these instructions:

Step 1

Store it– this is the most important step. You don’t need a fancy box. The most important thing is to keep your jewelry away from air when you are not wearing it. Why? Because the air creates a chemical reaction with silver that makes silver turn brown/black.

When you do need to clean it, it’s really easy.

We also offer anti tarnish bags for storage and traveling with your jewelry.

Step 2

Don’t use harsh chemicals on your jewelry or while you are wearing it. You know one of the worst things for your jewelry?

Antibacterial soap/hand sanitizer.

It will turn your silver brown. You can bring it back to glory- follow the next step and bring the shine back.

Step 3

Baking soda and dish soap: I use these two everyday to clean jewelry. You mix equal amounts of baking soda and dish soap (not antibacterial dish soap) and your fingers to rub it clean. Get a toothbrush to scrub the crevices. If all the grime doesn’t come off the first time, mix a little extra baking soda and do it again. You can give it a little extra shine afterwards with a soft Sunshine Cloth.

Anti Tarnish Bags

Black Velveteen Pouch


CorrisioFrom Intercept Technology™, this velveteen Corrosion Intercept® pouch offers long-term protection against tarnish and corrosion for the jewelry items stored inside. Measures 4x5.5 inches.

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Brown Flannel Pouch


This soft flannel pouch helps to prevent tarnish on silver and other metals placed inside; the lint-free fabric will not shed or catch on jewelry, and the anti-tarnish protection keeps jewelry shining while in storage or in transit. 3x3 inches.

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Cleaning supplies

Sunshine® Soft blue polishing cloth


This polishing cloth safely cleans, removes tarnish and polishes jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals, glass, mirrors, wood and more, leaving a high shine. It is exceptionally pliable, too, conforming effectively to surface contours and getting into crevices without creasing or tearing.

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Blitz® Silvershine™ kit


Formulated to instantly and effortlessly remove tarnish from silver without using toxic or potentially damaging chemicals. Combine ordinary tap water with the activator solution, watch as tarnish is immediately lifted from the surface of your silver. After use, cap the jar tightly; you can reuse the solution until it becomes visibly dirty. When it is exhausted, discard the solution and mix a fresh batch with convenient refills of the activator solution.

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