Life is full of lots of choices.

Following your dreams is not always the easy road. It takes a lot of determination and hard work. Some days are not easy. Love and passion and sweat – and sometimes tears. Doing what you love is all of that. It’s also satisfying to know you can brighten the world a little bit, make other people happy with this energy.

This is part of what drives me and why I have been creating jewelry for almost 25 years. Professionally trained as a metalsmith (silver and gold smithing) at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I know my shit.

My training was rigorous and challenging. I spent several years learning old school techniques as well as modern. I particularly loved the old way of hand fabricating. Studying her-story in art and her-storical jewelry were very influential to my life as well. I have a firm belief that being self-taught can only start with a firm foundation in a good education.

Working with metal is like working a puzzle. All the pieces seem impossible to fit together when you look at them all piled up. But when you study them and look at all the possibilities, they will eventually fit together.

For me creating, always coming up with something different and new, has become an obsession. The answers to the problems often come to me not when I’m in the middle of making or working, but while I’m just waking in the morning; or when I’m in the middle of my morning run, or listening to a friend talking.

The process is my true love. The object is the baby of that process.

I want YOU to feel more beautiful with handmade jewelry. Everyone deserves handmade and beautiful things.