Hi, I’m Fran. Metalsmith, Jewelry Designer, Craftswoman, Alchemist. Over the last 25 years, I have honed my process, welding blood, sweat, and tears with classical forms and modern muses to create one of kind pieces using the highest-quality metals and stones. 

It feels like hard work, but it looks like magic

I earned my degree at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Metalsmithing has provided me with a strong foundation to build on. Understanding the structure, chemistry, and fundamentals of constructing quality pieces have been invaluable to the process of honing my craft. I have put in the necessary “10,000” hours, (thank you Malcolm Gladwell), to become an expert. But that’s only the start of the process. 

I have “jewelry ESP.” I work intuitively, connecting with my customers, and figuring out what they want. For custom pieces I spend some time getting to know who I am designing for, creating a piece that reflects the personality of the wearer while leaving no doubt about the artist. And of course, I design for myself, too. All my pieces are things I would enjoy wearing. 

The art and architecture of ancient Rome and Greece, the Byzantine Empire, and the Baroque period can all be glimpsed in my work, stripped down to their essence and recreated in a new form, satisfying the modern woman’s dual desire for sleek design and opulent luxury. 

Every piece is created by hand in my workshop, from start to finish. There are no parts stamped out by machine. As painstaking as this process is, I find it meditative. The mark of the artist, the work of my hands, touching each piece of metal and stone as I feel my way through seems almost spiritual. It sounds woo, but that’s what I do. 

 I love making custom pieces for people who love what I do, if that’s not you then #sorrynotsorry. This is Studio Fran.

Working with metal is like working a puzzle. All the pieces seem impossible to fit together when you look at them all piled up. But when you study them and look at all the possibilities, they will eventually fit together.

For me creating, always coming up with something different and new, has become an obsession. The answers to the problems often come to me not when I’m in the middle of making or working, but while I’m just waking in the morning; or when I’m in the middle of my morning run, or listening to a friend talking.

The process is my true love. The object is the baby of that process.

I want YOU to feel more beautiful with handmade jewelry. Everyone deserves handmade and beautiful things.