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I’ve been a maker for many many years now. It all started with a spontaneous decision to attend a class, and it sparked a lifelong passion for creating beautiful objects with fire. Earning a degree in metalsmithing from the Savannah College of Art and Design was an excellent foundation, but it was just the start. Over the years, I have spent countless hours practicing, putting my blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting my craft. My secret ingredient is Jewelry ESP. I love working intuitively and collaborating with clients to bring their jewelry dreams to life.

As a small operation, I handcraft each piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind. I’m committed to being environmentally friendly while using the highest quality materials available – such as high karat gold, sterling silver, and often hand cut stones.

It took me a few years after graduating from SCAD to “make it.” But let’s be honest, we never truly make it. Overnight success isn’t the goal, either – it’s a recipe for disaster. I worked multiple part-time jobs for years, and it took a lot of courage to leave them all behind and focus on my passion. But I did it, and I’m grateful for the journey.

If you love jewelry that looks historical and feels modern, then you will love my work. It’s old school made-by-my-hands heirloom jewelry. You can see the mark of the artist in each of my pieces. The human touch is what makes me different; no AI or chatGPT can create this. I strive to produce the best quality jewelry in the most ethical, sustainable and thoughtful way possible. I put a lot of love into each piece and want to share that love with every person that buys a piece.

Throughout my life, my grandmother has been a constant source of inspiration. Although she grew up with fewer choices than I did, she has always believed in the importance of educating yourself, reading, integrity, agency, and speaking your mind. Her loving nature and embodiment of kindness, shared with my grandfather, made me feel valued and taught me how to love. Now, I seek to pass on her love and dedication to my own children. Even though she’s not physically present, I feel her with me every day while I work, and I can hear her whispering, “keep going, keep working.”