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My “superwoman” cuff is my statement piece bracelet. Not only does it have WOW factor, it drums up some fierce energy just when I need it.
Susan Hyatt
I have 2 Studio Fran pieces. I wear my Fran word bracelet constantly. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry. There are tons of word jewelry options available but I have never seen a design I like as much as my bracelet. I also have an amazing silver ring that’s special and lovely. I get tons of compliments when I wear it. Top of my wish list is a FC pussy (VJAY) ring.
Sarah Yost
Frances Cadoras' “ART PIECES” are on my reward board! Well worth every penny of my hard work. Her jewelry is one of my mainlines in life, they are carefully crafted and substantially curated and honestly they receive the most compliments and I am constantly sending them to her! Thanks for caring and being creative and then SHARING your work with us!
Angelina Lombardo
I just love my bracelet. It's a constant reminder of a decision I made to enjoy life "as is". I reached out to Frances to make this for me and it's exactly what I wanted. I never take it off.
Monique Mayers
Look at this stunner! I could not be happier with this gorgeous creation. Frances is such a pleasure to work with and clearly knows her stuff. It was such fun having my dream ring become a reality with her talent and eye for detail. Her prices are beyond reasonable and I look very forward to many more magical jewelry adventures with her.
Lauren Kent
These one of a kind earrings are great to wear every day. The stones are gorgeous and the craftsmanship is amazing!
Cheran Stone