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Jewelry REvamps

If you haven’t read, watched, or heard about the konmari method you are living under a rock. Or under your messy, messy house and may need to call for help.

If you have, are you a #Kondoconvert? Maybe you discovered Marie Kondo years ago, long before her Netflix special. If so, I am going to admit I found you annoying AF. LOL

But seriously…

Until now.

Now I get you. I was wrong. You were right. Does that make you feel better? I apologize and fully admit I needed this in my life years ago.

And if you have not watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, I highly recommend it.

She is adorable and brilliant and I love her energy and excitement about helping people find joy in their spaces.

And seriously. Walking into my neatly organized closet makes me so happy. So much so that I have kept it exactly that way for the past couple of weeks since I cleaned it.

There are a lot people in my camp, and we are just like the crossfit crazies telling you all about our new love. (BEEN THERE, done that. I apologize for that, too.) I am looking around at all my stuff, asking the question, “Does this bring me joy? Does it make feel DING?” And this goes for my kiddos too… JUST KIDDING  of course.

The process of cleaning out my closet was not easy. And my honey bunny and I bickered a lot that day, piling up all the crap from the closet onto our bed. But we are both happier with the end result. 

There are also a lot of memes and peeps complaining about it too. And more. Especially about the idea that you should only have 30 books. She didn’t actually say that. She just believes what brings you joy is what you should keep. The number is unimportant.

Keep reading and you will see my point in this whole conversation. (Hint: what to do with old ugly jewelry.)

Some konmari articles you might find interesting.

Who has ugly old jewelry? Raise that hand


So let’s bring this convo back to jewelry.

If you are going through all your belongings and you find a bunch of jewelry you no longer wear, and now wondering- what should I do with this? 

You don’t want to throw away your grandmother’s wedding set. Or that one lone earring, it’s match long gone. Or that necklace you have had since high school. We have an emotional attachment to these things. They remind us of our loved ones or our youth, etc. Yet, it just sits there collecting dust.

You could bring it to a jewelry store. Or you could send it to me and have me give it a makeover. And the really great thing about this is we get to work together to design and come up with the perfect thing you will want to wear for years to come. And it will be a constant reminder of the love we feel for whom ever gave you the stone originally. The spirit of the object and loved one will be present. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, go back and read those articles I linked.  

So let’s talk about how it works for me to remake your jewelry.

Because I know almost everyone has at least one piece of jewelry just sitting around waiting to be made over.

I am here to save it. Outdated ugly jewelry activate! Into cool new jewelry.

I can make it anything you like. And if you are looking for some inspiration I have a whole bunch of stuff to show you.

How does it work?

STEP #1 Hit the the button above and let’s chat.

We schedule a call or Facetime. During that call I ask you a few questions, like what ideas you have in mind and what’s your budget, do you want new stones added to the design as well…

After we decide on what to do with it, I send you an invoice and you send your ring to me to work my magic.

If you don’t feel like talking on the phone or Facetime, we can email. Or use messenger to chat.

If you have old gold, I send it off to be recycled. If it’s yellow gold, I can melt it down to make an extra simple gold band for you.

I don’t repurpose white gold. But I do send it out to be recycled.

If you are wanting a bi-metal ring (silver and gold ring), 22k or 24k are the only karats of gold that will show up on silver.

The melting temps for 18K and 14K are close to the metal point of silver and we would risk making another alloy when heating the silver with lower karat golds at the same time. (And trust me that’s not pretty)

Lastly, it doesn’t have to be old jewelry.  A lot of people have loose stones they want set and I work with that, too.

LET’S CHAT! We can start today.

If you missed the last 3 hints, CLICK HERE!

(I’ll just be waiting over here for you- looking like I’m sittin on the toilet… errrr, I mean throne…)