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Just hot off the block this past week: a couple of mother’s day gifts, a ring repair, a garnet and peridot cuff, aquamarine rings, pendants…. 

It’s been another productive week. I love that! I love making custom jewelry. And one of my favorite pieces is always when I get to recreate someones hand writing onto silver.


I love making things like this. It super fun to recreate someone’s hand writing. 

It is so meaningful. 

This is my clients mom’s signature. The only handwriting they had was from a note written on a quilt. So they snapped the pic, and I made it happen. 

My part? I trace of the hand writing several times, then I write it down on my own multiple times. After I feel confident I have it and can do it from memory, I draw it in sharpie and hand engrave it into the silver.

All the practicing part of copying the writing several times on paper first, helps me figure out the nuances of each letter. It makes it so much easier for the engraving part. 

Wonder how  I started doing this? Got so good at copying handwriting? I use to copy my mom’s signature when I was a kid. You know, to keep out of trouble. LOL I apparently put that skill to use later in life. 




Who likes leFtovers?? 


Working in metal means sometimes having to redo work, making extra, making some things over (because they are the wrong size, etc.). 
Making by hand is my preferred method of creating and that means I have a lot of extra parts. Leftovers.
These links are all the extras. What was left in the scrap box, waiting to become something beautiful. 

Nothing is ever wasted.
Made from argentium silver with one link having silver and 18K gold. And it’s available, ready for you to wear ASAP. I just need your wrist size so I can custom fit it for you.



Until next time!