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So, have you ever wondered how an artist designs? I have been asked this question many times.

It feels a bit like being asked, “How do you breath?” 

I just do.

I’ll can show you how this unicorn pendant came about.

It all started with my BFF asking me for unicorn earrings and a necklace.

1. DRAW the unicorn

2. redraw to scale.

3. redraw unicorn onto silver

4. Make silver sample. (when working in gold, I always make a silver version first.)

5. Cut out basic unicorn shape.

6. Cut out small shapes.

6. File and sand each part, the solder together.

Every project is of course different and I come up with ideas in varying ways.

For a project like this with literal images, animals and concepts, I start with google, searching for images.

Then I enlist another artist, my husband. 

I have him draw a simple version for me from the images I like the best. Or I just have him draw it from his own ideas.

Incase you are wondering- Yes, I can draw.

I draw by looking at objects, he can draw from an idea in his head. I like the way he draws and his drawing skills seem to come a bit more naturally.

There are a thousand ways to skin a cat. And every artist has there own process. For me the drawing has to be scaled to the size I’m making the object. I like to draw that out myself and redraw it a few times, so I can really get the lines in my head. It helps me figure out how I want to make it 3D.

If I’m working in silver, I just go for it. When i’m working in gold, I cut out a silver version first. Any mistake I make in gold is expensive. When I make a silver one first I get to work out the kinks. And then when I cut the gold out I know what not to do.