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Taking care of your beautiful jewelry doesn’t have to be hard.

If you are anything like me, you probably take off your earrings and lay them on your nightstand or bathroom counter. I am the worst. I am usually tired or busy and just leave them where ever I took them off.

 Air is what causes silver to tarnish. Specifically the sulfur in the air.

Hair products, make up, lotion, swimming in a pool or the ocean, will cause jewelry to tarnish more quickly as well. Chemicals and salt escalate grimmy looking jewelry.

The most important thing to do to keep your jewelry like new is to store it in anti-tarnish environment when you are not wearing it. Which can be as simple as plastic bag.

Jewelry boxes and cloth jewelry bags are best because they will protect them from unnecessary wear and tear, as well as keeping them shiny.

If you live near the ocean, you should be especially diligent to store your jewels. Salt air is especially harsh. 

If you need a little easy care, I sell a couple of great products you can purchase here to help you preserve you investment.




What is great about these bags? They are easy to use, prevent tarnish and are made from lint free fabric that does not snag. They will keep your chains from tangling and are perfect for travel, you can use them to keep your jewelry separated in your travel bag.

These bags are $5 each or you can purchase ten for $30.


This may be hard to believe, but I do not own a lot of jewelry. Why? Because for me the fun part is making it. Wearing is great too, but I’m not attached. I store my jewelry in a handmade ceramic container. I use these tabs inside.

These Intercept® anti-tarnish tabs provide protection against tarnish for up to 12 months. Tarnish-causing elements are absorbed without emitting damaging gases. They are non-toxic and non-abrasive. And what is cool is they change color when it’s time to replace.

10 tabs for $5



First off, why are you cleaning with bleach and/ or other harsh chemicals and not wearing protective gloves?  None of my business, but it does make me worry for your health.

If bleach will corrode metal, can you imagine what it does to your skin and insides (i.e. the liver, the bodies filter).

Silver dipped/ exposed to bleach looks dull and has a brownish pink tenge. The only way way to bring the luster back is have it professionally cleaned and re-polished. It takes me about and hour to do this. 

Bleach and cleaning chemicals actually eat the metal. They leave pits and will weaken prongs. And that could be disastrous. Your stones could then fall out. And you may not be lucky enough to see or hear them fall out. Gone forever.

So just take off your jewelry when you are cleaning.

If you have STUDIO FRAN jewelry that needs some extra love and is so tarnished only a professional can help, I  offer a jewelry revamp starting at $35.

The price varies depending on how much extra attention it needs. But most jobs are $35.

What do you get? A professional once over, polish, and me making your STUDIO FRAN bling look brand new.


SO  you have tarnished jewels and are not sure what to do to make them pretty again. Want to know how to revive them? It’s really easy to shine them up with basic items you probably have around the house.

How I personally clean my own jewelry:

Baking soda and lemon juice. I make a thick paste and brush it on with a soft brush to get in all the nooks and crannies. I rub the darker spots with my fingers. Then rinse off with water. Don’t leave your jewelry soaking in this mixture. 

Toothpaste is just as effective. And maybe easier, I just love the smell of lemons more.

Don’t use the gel type, it does not work very well.

As far as jewelry dips go, I don’t recommend them.

I have found that they do not remove tarnish on chains easily and just don’t work that well. They can cause damage such as pitting. 

There are several online recipes for homemade jewelry dips. Don’t bother.

They suggest boiling water, aluminum foil and baking soda. I’ve tried these and not had as much luck with them. My other issue with using boiling water is that it can crack soft stones like boulder opals. I’ve personally witnessed boulder opals cracking in extremely hot dish water. That was a sad day.

So the safest method IMO is toothpaste or the baking soda/ lemon juice scrub. It does take a little more effort and elbow grease. But if you are going to do a job, just do it right the first time. :)

As far as your pearl jewelry, something to consider is whether or not it is strung with silk string. The silk should never be soaked. Wiping these with a damp soapy cloth is best. 

Just don’t want to clean it?

Well remember that storage is the first key to shiny.

Want me to clean up your STUDIO FRAN BLING? Hit the link below.