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Big hands? Says who?

You know something that really is irritating?

When I hear someone complain about having large hands or big fingers. Think of all the amazing things those hands do. When you do, then the size of your hands doesn’t really matter, does it. At the very least it shouldn’t mean something negative.

 And this is a conversation I have had often over  the past 10 years. Some of us have this idea that we shouldn’t have big hands (insert eye roll here). I attribute this to various things we are inundated with on the daily, messages about how we should  look and most of those messages are all about we need to be smaller. Which is total BS. The reality is we are all different and that goes for our hands and fingers as well. Because one person may think a ring size 7 is huge, another a size 10 is “too big”. It’s all relative and indicative of how we think.

In all the years of making custom rings, I make all sizes, ALL the time. Size 5-14 are all normal sizes. The most common rings for me to make just happen to be the larger sizes. This is the great thing about custom jewelry, you get to have your ring custom fit. 

Guess what- size does not matter, except for me getting the correct ring size for you!

Okay, so you want to know the hardest part of making custom jewelry for me? Getting the correct ring size.

And that is why I’m writing this. With each piece of jewelry I make, I want it to feel so good you never want to take it off. And that is why we have this hand dandy ring sizing guide.


1.Every finger on your hand may or may not be a different size. 

For me, because I am right handed, my right hand fingers are larger than my left. Also my ring size varies depending on the time of the day or if my hands are swollen from being hot. 

2. It’s pretty easy to measure your finger.

Also measure your fingers at different times of the day, and note the size difference. I recommend going with largest size you measure.

3.Are your knuckles larger? Do your hands swell easily? 

Larger knuckles and swelling are very common. Swelling may  be attributed to the weather, working out, or possibly by hormonal changes. 

If you have knuckle issues or your hands swell a lot, you may love my new favorite ring – The Cuff Ring. It’s one of my most favorite rings to make for myself. 

You can wear it on multiple fingers, obviously not at the same time. LOL

It can be opened up when you need a little bigger size, or pushed smaller when needed.


The most important  part of custom jewelry is making sure I have the correct ring size for the most comfortable fit. So helping you decide the best size for your finger really matters.

We are here to make it easy and help. We work hard to ensure we have the correct measurements and our handy new guide makes it so much easier.